School Personalized Products for Fund Raising

Almost every school in the world today incorporates fundraiser endeavors as a component of its practice annually. For students in elementary schools, playing a part in a school charity performance is virtually a rite of passage; all of us have fond memories of going door to door in our locality advertising the particular school personalized fancy wrapping paper, candy, and cookies, all to promote our school’s extra-curricular goings-on and after-school agenda. Just akin to everything else, your school fundraisers must progress with the changing era or involvement will go downhill and your school could miss out on some most important endowment prospects. Fundraisers done the conventional way are already a thing of the past. The new methods now are livelier and engage a multitude of people assisting in accomplishing your school or learning institution’s fundraiser objectives.

This is an undemanding method to get on track getting funding for your school – enlist the PTA to help. Fundraising is a regular component of what your PTA or PTO does finest; so allow this enthusiastic assemblage of parents, guardians, and educators to utilize their skills and assets to lend a hand so your school can attain its highest revenue prospective. One trouble-free technique the PTA can help out is by obtaining products stamped with your school’s given name and insignia and reselling them for a higher turnover in your school shop, at public happenings, and in the neighborhood. School personalized bags and water bottles are just the thing for parents, employees and students, while neighboring businesses and neighborhood residents will be grateful for practical and realistic products like fridge magnets, bumper stickers and coffee mugs. When the public are made aware that part of their earnings is going to sustain and help local children, your school’s fundraising endeavors will be thoroughly satisfied.

Even at the basic education echelon, sporting affairs, science fairs and student theatre or recitals make grand school fundraising locations. Decorate tables and make available for sale embossed plastic/ stainless steel/ ceramic cups, personalized streamers, banners or megaphones packed with popcorn or colorful candy and chocolate at little league baseball games or track and field events. Put forward printed T-shirts to memorialize the yearly Science Fair, and put on the market glow-in-the-dark water containers to afford simple to see pick-me-ups (sodas etc) when the illumination is lowered. Tasks like these are over and over again vastly graced; the more people you can get a hold of, the more advanced your school’s earnings probability will become.

Enjoyable events like school pageants or a mini petting zoo are superb accompaniments to the elementary school practice. They are also grand traditions to ferry the community closer and bring in some additional cash for your school’s fundraising money box. Craft a small festival on your school grounds or in your school field. Impose a token admittance charge and put up for sale tickets for refreshment stands, rides, and pageants. Create entertaining carnival sports competition and accord reward such as imprinted backpacks, personalized CD albums, and soft toys for the champions. Minor bits and pieces like personalized erasers, pencils, pens and pencil sharpeners make the ‘just what the doctor ordered’ participation prizes.

Why Personal Productivity Matters for Your Career

You are likely very busy in your career right now and accomplishing important and required activities. But are there any tasks that you are putting off for a future date and time? Perhaps you have thought of something you would like to do and have not yet gotten to it, making an excuse that begins with either “one day I will” or “I’ve gotten behind” – to name a few. Being busy does not always equate to being productive. When you expend energy, are involved in busywork, find yourself active, or exert extra effort, those are all indicators you care about your job or career. But what if you could get more out of the time that you invest?

What Is Productivity?

Your job will demand completion of tasks and there is an expected type of performance that is associated with your job title. In addition, being highly efficient in your job is linked to the level of productivity you attain. This is similar to the way that organizations operate. Business productivity is related to a measurable output and it requires that all processes and functions are operating quickly and efficiently. Productivity for you can therefore be defined as working with a purpose and functioning with focused attention on important or priority activities, both effectively and efficiently.

Productivity and Your Job

There are assigned duties for your job and you have a specific amount of time in which to complete them. However, not every aspect of your job is completely managed for you and that means you have an ability to maximize your time and accomplish more. Being productive in your job means that you are setting goals, establishing priorities that are based upon the importance of your tasks, and you plan for the use of your time. To become highly efficient you can break down the goals you’ve established into targeted due dates and schedule them in your weekly and monthly plan.

Becoming Productive

There are strategies you can utilize to become productive in your career and that begins with more than the development of a checklist. For example, you can utilize prioritization as a strategy to make the most of the effort you devote to your workday. You can also examine your working environment to determine if it is conducive to being productive or distracting and causing time to be wasted. Another strategy is multitasking and that can either assist your progress or detract your time, depending on the types of activities you are involved in. For example, working on a required task and also monitoring activity on Facebook is not an efficient use of your time. In contrast, working on two projects with an immediate due date could be effectively completed with focused attention.

What Blocks Productivity

Time wasters are probably one of the most lethal activities that can minimize your productivity during the workday. It consists of any activities you are involved in that causes you to alter or discard your daily or weekly plans. Busywork can also block productivity by performing tasks that are non-essential. Procrastination or putting off and delaying a task can also minimize your efficiency. Finally, being disorganized and not knowing if your time is well spent can also be a significant detractor for your ability to be highly productive. While you do not have to plan every minute of your work day, the minutes you spend on these activities can add up over time.

Results of Being Productive

There is a saying that is often used in organizations and it states that as an employee you should “work smarter, not harder”. While I am not a fan of clich├ęs this statement does hold merit. Working smarter means that you are in control, you have planned your activities, and manage your time well. The impact of productivity on your career can also influence your personal life. The higher level of productivity you can achieve, the more you are able to accomplish in any given day. It is a matter of being in control of your time and resources. Being highly efficient and productive is always an option for you to use in your career. You can strive to attain it on a continual basis or implement it when you find yourself unorganized and missing important deadlines. Being productive means you have greater output because you are in control of your day and aware of how your time is spent.

Great Book on Personal Productivity – A Must Read to Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

I just finished reading a great book on increasing personal productivity entitled, “The Productivity Epiphany: Leading Edge Ideas on Time Management, Self-Management, and Communication”, by Vincent Harris. This book is loaded with wisdom. It can be called a ‘life manual’.

I am a psychologist and author and I have been counseling and coaching individuals for over 25 years. I’m always on the lookout for a book that is easy and enjoyable to read that will also make a big difference in the readers life.

“The Productivity Epiphany” is one of the rare books that fits this criteria.

I am all for books written with two page chapters like this book is. It is so much easier for me to actually read every page of a book when it is written this way.

Vince Harris filled the book with entertaining stories that provided many personal epiphanies for me.

The book was reviewed by Dr. Joe Vitale, who appeared in the movie ‘The Secret’, who said, “This book is bursting with insights that will allow you to be more productive and get more enjoyment out of life. Vince Harris shares the wisdom that is the result of hundreds of coaching sessions with his clients over the last decade-and much, much more. This book belongs in your personal development library! “

If you are looking for rock solid ideas on time management, persuasion and influence, peak performance and communication, you’ll find it all in The Productivity Epiphany.

While Harris is best known for his captivating presentations and workshops on body language and communication, he quietly works “behind the scenes” consulting for high level executives, athletes, and men and women simply wanting a competitive edge in life. “The Productivity Epiphany” is full of the insights that Harris has used so successfully with both his clients and himself over the last decade. Vince’s book was published by Beckworth Publications and is now available on or can be accessed through his website at

One reviewer put it like this, “He’s motivated, he’s smart and persuasive, and he’s a darn nice guy. I also think he’s about to emerge in the national spotlight soon. Vincent Harris has been a performance coach and mentor to CEO’s, athletes, and people who wanted more out of life. His new book, “The Productivity Epiphany”, will stimulate some of those “ah ha” moments of clarity we all pursue.” ~ Brion Sausser

Here are a few of the 59 chapter titles that make this book a ‘must read’:
o Saying Hello Without Saying a Word
o Melting Resistance with Stories
o What If Everyone Were Naked?
o The Painfully Happy Way of Getting Things Done

I promise that this is one book that you’ll enjoy reading and re-reading.

Personal Productivity

Do you feel lost and like you’re being pulled in too many directions?

Sometimes in life we feel disconnected, torn between our physical, emotional, and logical. Sometimes our emotions tell us to do something but logically we shouldn’t. Sometimes our logical side is telling us something has to be done, but physically we don’t feel like it. These conflicts within ourselves are very counterproductive.

How you can become more productive…

You have to try to manage yourself and make all your feelings, thoughts, and emotions work together. Of course, this is easier said than done. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy is one way to keep your mind and body healthy and energized, which can prevent tiredness. Also, make sure you have some time for yourself during your day. You need some time to relax or do something you enjoy to keep your emotional side happy. When you keep all these sides happy, you can then focus on one thing and use all these sides together to have an productive outcome.

Are you easily distracted or bad at time management?

Distractions are everywhere, phone calls, text messages, television, e-mails, Facebook. Distractions make it take longer to complete tasks. When things don’t get done on time we become stressed and it can be bad for your work reputation. You have to manage yourself to use your time efficiently and eliminate distractions.

How you can become more productive…

Try to control yourself. Don’t go on Facebook while you’re working, turn your cell phone off and only check your e-mail 2 or 3 times a day. You can also decide to only take phone calls and respond to e-mails during a certain time. Kind of like office hours. You may also think that multi-tasking is a good skill that allows you get multiple things done at once. However, when multi-tasking your only putting a small amount of effort into each thing. Productivity is all about focus and putting all of your energy into one thing at a time. Work on one thing at a time and don’t stop until it’s completed. When your task is completed take a break for an interruption. Then, refocus everything onto the next task at hand and do not lose focus until that task is completed. Multi-tasking can drain your energy, get you confused, and stress you out. Sometimes you may need to multi-task for a short period of time, but don’t try to do too many things at once. If you are unfocused and wasting time, that is probably why you are poor at managing your time. You will be amazed how much more time you have when you focus and eliminate distractions. You will get things done quicker and stop being late.

Does your life seem inconsistent and jumbled?

If everyday you’re rushing around doing things in different orders and forgetting to do things, then it’s probably time for some change. A little change can be a good thing especially a change to consistency. Habits and schedules are one way of being more consistent. They can also help you manage your time as well.

How you can become more productive…

Having a schedule and habits can help you get things in order with less disarray. If you don’t really have any habits, that is why you feel so inconsistent and jumbled. Choose one habit to start. It can be big or small. Your best bet, it to pick one that can affect you in a positive way and better help you achieve goals that you have. Starting a new habit can actually be kind of hard. First, you have to remember to do it every day. When you have the urge to just not do the new habit one day, try harder. If you skip some days, then you are continuing to be inconsistent. The whole point of starting a new habit is to use your willpower to create a habit that will help you stay on track. You want your habit to just starting happening naturally, without you putting much effort in to it. Give yourself a month to pick up this new habit of your choice. The next month, try it again choosing a different new habit and make sure you still do the previous habit. Also, you can try to create a schedule for yourself. It doesn’t have to be extremely specific, but it should consist of blocks of time for you to focus on a task to complete. You may have a schedule of working for an hour then taking a 10 minute break. Then, work for an hour, take a 10 minute break, work for an hour, take a 30 minute lunch, work for an hour, and so on. Each hour you should be focused on doing only one thing and completing it. After a break, the next hour should be spent focusing on and completing another task. A time schedule can make you much more productive.

Is your work desk disorganized and your home messy?

You may be trying so hard to be productive that you don’t really straighten up. You’re too busy working and making time for yourself that you don’t have extra time to spend on cleaning. You may be surprised to know that you would be more productive if you were organized.

How you can become more productive…

If you are messy, you’re probably wasting time looking for things. Wasting time is never a part of being productive. If you are organized, you will feel less stress and you will always be able to easily find anything that you are looking for. Clearing off your work desk can help clear off your mental desk. A lot of people may not even realize it, but if you live in a messy house it is sometimes harder to relax. It can become annoying to walk around things, and step over things, and search through piles of clothes for something to wear. Just start cleaning up. If you don’t need it, throw it away. If you need to keep it, organize it. Have your work desk clear. Organize any papers or anything that you have. If you will need to reference them in the future, come up with some type of filing system so that you can easily find them. You don’t have to go nuts and have everything perfect, but remove clutter and organize things to easily be found and you won’t waste time and energy trying to find misplaced things.